CD/DVD cloning and checking checksums from downloads

When you download CD and DVD images it is prudent to check that they have no errors before and after making the CDs. Parted Magic provides an md5sum checksum to enable one to determine if there is even a single bit error, I tend to check after the download and after burning a CD. This is very easy if one is using Linux as there is a command you can run a terminal to produce it. The following examples assume a CD and a file on the desktop.

md5sum -b /dev/cdrom
md5sum -b ~/Desktop/temp.iso

It is also very useful to be able to turn a CD/DVD into an ISO file which can be burnt back to make an exact copy of a CD rather especially for bootable CDs (LiveCds)

The following sequence of terminal commands does that:

sudo umount /dev/cdrom
dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/home/pcurtis/Desktop/temp.iso

The file temp.iso can be burnt by right clicking temp.iso on the desktop and choosing open with “Brasero Disk Burning” after inserting a blank CD or DVD. The CD should again be checked by

md5sum -b /dev/cdrom

The above cloning technique is ideal for making the single backup allowed of most proprietary systems and for distributing Open Source software.

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