The first breath of Wind

The Wind U100 arrived two days earlier than we had expected from and we eagerly unpacked it and found from the label that it had the expected Realtech RTL8187SE wireless card installed. We turned it on and connected up via Wifi which needed our WEP key entered 26 characters twice! It had two DVds so we did not need to make backup .iso images although the facities are built in and we will probably do so at some point. I tried to work through as much as possible using what I have written in The Road to Freedom but much was not required as it was a brand new machine with nothing to back-up and I had already made the .iso using Unetbootin

I loaded the Avast! 4.8 free virus checker and a ZoneAlarm free firewall to give reasonable security. This took about 90 minutes by the time I had done all the reboots etc

I then got a little ahead of myself and put in the LiveUSB and rebooted – in a few minutes Hardy Heron was up and running. The Wifi did not work and I had the driver for the latest version of the kernel so I could not check that but almost everything else seemed to work.

I needed to know about the partitioning so I used Gparted on the LiveUSB and got carried away again and deleted the larger NTFS partition and created an extended partition and a 30 Gbyte FAT32 partition within it for shared DATA. I did check everything still worked in Windows and gave the new partition the name DATA and changed the operating system partition name to WINDOWS.

I was now go to go back to the LiveUSB and start the install. I used manual disk partitioning to create a 3 Gbyte swap (3x the memory size) and two EXT3 partitions with mount points of / and /home. Everything went according to plan and at minute 175 from opening the box I had a full Ubuntu system up and running and just managed to double click the .deb file for the Wifi driver downloaded from and give it the WEP password by minute 180 ( I may have taken 181 but I did not check the start to the second!)


  1. Torie

    That’s really tinhikng out of the box. Thanks!

    1. Mircea

      I di’ndt know where to find this info then kaboom it was here.

  2. Gert

    Wow! Great to find a post kniokcng my socks off!


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