Wind – Tips and Tricks for a small screen under Ubuntu

Many programs and web sites these days are writen on the assumption that you will have at least a 1024 x 800 screen whilst the Wind U100 has one 1024 x 600.

  • Change the font size by System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Fonts -> Details and reduce the resolution to say 83 from 96
  • Hide Panels: Set up the top and bottom panels so they can be hidden – Right click on the panel -> Properties and tick ‘show hide buttons’ and ‘arrows on hide buttons’
  • Full Screen: Make extensive use of Full Screen in programs that support it by F11
  • Use Alt Click drag: If parts of a Window are still hidden then you can drag a whole Window by Alt Click on any clear area.
    • You can not drag the sides and corners in the usual way when parts are hidden after an Alt Click drag but if you try a menu allowing selective adjustments appears.
  • Toolbars: Reduce the number of toolbars in sight on, for example, firefox by View -> Toolbars
  • Full Screen Mode keyboard Shortcut: Setup a key binding (Alt + F11) to toggle fullscreen mode, by System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts > Window Management > Toggle Fullscreen Mode and do Alt + F11 . If you get screen flickering turn off advanced desktop effects by Preferences -> Appearance -> Visual Effects or see below
  • Hide all Windows and switching desktops: Lastly don’t forget the ‘hide all windows’ button at the right of the bottom panel and switching Desktops at right of bottom panel – they come into there own on a small screen even if you never usually use them.

Removing Flicker on Screen Full Screen Windows.

This screen mode can flicker if compiz is enabled. To fix that problem, install compizconfig-settings-manager by using the Synaptic Package Manager or opening up the Terminal application and typing:

sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

Then, go to to System > Advanced Desktop Effects Settings, click the “General Options” button and untick “Unredirect Fullscreen Windows”.

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