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Consultancy will in general only be available to provide the initial impetus and assistance to get a Small Firm up and running to the point where they can be self supporting using the technical information on this site along with other readily available information. There is no intention to lock the firm into my services in any way - any registrations or accounts set up will be in the name of the firm or nominated person and all passwords will be made available immediately configuration is complete and any fees outstanding paid.

The above does not mean that I will willingly abandon people once the are on their feet - I would hope to provide a safety net if a major disaster strikes and I am available, but that is not all the time. I also expect people to follow advice and to take sensible precautions - if you have loaded lots of free programs, not updated your virus checker files and made no backups you will get little sympathy and a big bill if I can sort the mess out.

How much will it cost? This is negotiable and to some extent depends on the business and how sympathetic I feel. If I am just giving that initial impetus and a safety net to get a small local UK firm on their electronic feet and I am doing things which are a Low risk because I have done them many times I may be prepared to work at an hourly rate roughly matching the person in the firm who draws the highest salary, plus my expenses. That seems fair to all as that person could well be the person whose time would be needed, and for far longer than I would take, and should not rule out help for any firm. There obviously have to be some caveats to avoid being exploited and I would normally only want to help only one firm in a similar business area.

My expectation is that this would still work out to be at least £75 an hour for most firms that need my services. Consultancy which is not to help small firms is normally not available and would be at the going rate which is currently about £600 for half a day and £1000 for a whole day in this field.

If you are interested Contact Me and tell me what extra support you need over what is available free on this site - it may only take me a few hours to get you fully up and running and save you weeks of hassle and diversion from more important matters.

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