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Selecting an ISP for a Small Firm

In the previous sections we have discussed the requirements of a small business and we will now look at how this is reflected in one's choice of an ISP.

We need an ISP who can register a UK .co.uk or an International .com domain for you, provide a reliable email service with the ability to have several specific email addresses and email forwarding for the rest. It is important that you can easily make changes to the email configuration when staff come and leave or your requirements change. The ISP should have good support information on his web site and telephone support to back it up.

The ISP must be able to host the web site and have the bandwidth to provide fast access. It is also important that the site provides the facilities to use Forms from the start and other interactive actions involving scripts in the future. They should also be able handle secure transactions in case you wish to take card details over the Internet although you would expect to pay extra for such facilities.

I have chosen ISPs that I have personal experience of using as examples of those you might use. The descriptive pages which follow are in a common format to make comparison easier.

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