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Adding HTML capabilities to Microsoft Office 4.2 and 95

Introduction: If you have Office 4.2 or Office 95 you can download Internet Assistants to install to allow you to save from Word, Powerpoint and Excel in HTML. In the case of Word it can be used as a basic HTML editor and you can use hyperlinks in your Word documents. I obtained them off What PC cover disk CDs in 1996 but they must be available somewhere on the Microsoft web site and are worth the search if you use earlier versions of Office (try searching for wordia.exe, wrdia20z.exe, pptia.exe and ia4ppt95.exe).

Word 6 and Word 7: In the case of Word the Office Assistant installs some clever changes which give it the ability to Open, Close and Edit files in HTML and convert within reasonable bounds existing Word documents to HTML. This seem is done by use of a special HTML template so conversion is more difficult if you depend on a lot of custom styles but if you are simple minded like most of us it should be fine. This HTML document has been read into Word and it is very easy to Edit. It flagged up in Blue a few bits of existing HTML it thought were redundant and when saved it does look quite different in detail to what I started with. The feel and toolbars look like a mix of Word and Internet Explorer 2 if you can remember that far back.

Powerpoint: In the case of Powerpoint you can only output in HTML in Office 4.2 but the ActiveX Powerpoint Animation Player can install the ActiveX publisher into Powerpoint 95 this is covered in Publishing Powerpoint Presentations on the Web .

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