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I was a scientist and policy maker in the Department of Trade and Industry from 1976 until my departure (accepting "early retirement") in 1996. My last position was Director of small firms technology policy. My career anchors were in the application of technology to manufacturing and business processes. My current research interest is the exploitation of new technology and how that links to performance improvement for small and medium companies.

In parallel with my civil service career, since 1978 I have taught a range of mathematics, technology and management courses for the Open University. I currently teach two MBA courses on "Performance measurement and evaluation" and "Management Information Systems", and also the beginners undergraduate course "Computing : An Object-oriented Approach".


Sep 94 - Apr 96 : Director responsible for small firms technology policy. My main responsibilities were the management and prioritisation of the overall small firms technology budget of £55m p.a., of which I myself had personal responsibility for £24.5m. My two main responsibilities were for programmes to strengthen the means whereby Universities and Research Organisations could respond to the needs of smaller firms, and to directly support R&D in small firms.

May 93 - Sep 94 : Branch Head : National Measurement System. I managed the UK budget of £40m p.a. spent mainly with the National Physical Laboratory, the Laboratory of the Government Chemist and the National Engineering Laboratory.

Apr 91 - Apr 93 : Head : Longer Term Studies Unit responsible for policy and strategy for DTI's Innovation and Technology budget (£160m p.a.). My achievements have been :

Oct 89 - Mar 91 : Deputy Branch Head : Two short postings in Education and Training Policy Division and Engineering Markets Division.

Nov 81 - Oct 89 : Three postings as Section Head : Responsible for software quality and safety critical systems; standards for advanced manufacturing systems; and research and technology policy.

Oct 76 - Nov 81 : Research in computer science at the National Physical Laboratory.


Open University : Since 1978 I have taught a variety of undergraduate mathematics and technology courses. These include Numerical Computation, Software Engineering, Computer Aided Design and Innovation. In 1998 I became tutor for the new prize-winning Web-based Computing course.

I am also a part-time lecturer with the Open University Business School. Again I built on my previous expertise by tutoring MBA courses in "Accounting and Finance for Managers" and "The Strategic use of IT". Since 1994 I have taught the MBA course on Performance Measurement and Evaluation, and since 1998 I have also taught Management Information Systems. Quality, and how to improve performance are exciting practical research topics, and I was able to exploit my experience by being one of the Assessors for the UK Quality Award for its first 4 years.


Nationality : British

Date of Birth : 1952

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