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Offline Presentations

These presentations are in a compressed form suitable for downloading and viewing either directly or in a browser. Viewing in the browser gives much more flexibility and allows one to move between presentations etc. They require a once only loading of the Microsoft ActiveX Viewer (800K) which allows both viewing directly by double clicking on the .ppz file or offline viewing in Browsers more recent than Netscape Navigator 2.02 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.02.

The presentations are divided into sets covering each course for the year. Each set consists of a Zip archive containing all the individual ActiveX presentations with the associated HTML files to run them within a browser. There is also be an overall HTML file allowing access to all the Presentations and Exercises within the Archive. The Archive will be updated every time a new presentation is added.

The Zip Archive should be downloaded into a temporary directory or a directory you have created for the presentations (Right Click on the Link and click on Save Target As to Download). The Archive should then be extracted to the directory you wish to use for the presentations and, for convenience, a Link placed on the Desktop to the Contents file (oflnxxxx.htm where xxxx is the Course) or it's location added to the favorites list in your Browser.

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