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Cookies and Privacy Policy

Cookie Statement

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by web sites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make web sites work, or work more efficiently, as well as to provide information to the owners of the site. The law states that we can store cookies on your machine if they are essential to the operation of this site but that for all others we need your permission to do so. The table below explains the cookies we use, why we use them and how long they remain.

What Cookies do we set on our sites.

Name Value Purpose and Persistence
broadband true or false  User preference for image dimensions and preloading of pictures to increase speed and reduce data usage when false. An essential facility for users. Needs to be persistent (100 days).
pref_box true or false User preference for Lightbox style overlays over popups for displaying images. An essential facility for users, particularly with mobile devices. Needs to be persistent. (100 days)
cookies_accepted true or false Confirms cookie message banner has been seen and cookies accepted explicitly or by default. Essential. Needs to be persistent. (100 days)
access text string Normally not set. Controls access to restricted pages to, for example, friends or co-workers. Use explained when access provided (Varies between days and years).

If you wish to remove these cookies Click Here then close this and other windows

Other Cookies which may be present

Wordpress Diary

We do have a Wordpress Diary (blog) which may set cookies and you may wish to check the Wordpress Cookie Statements before accessing it. My understanding from the Wordpress documentation is that cookies are only used if you leave a comment and the relevant statement at the time this was written was:

When visitors comment on your blog, they too get cookies stored on their computer. This is purely a convenience, so that the visitor won't need to re-type all their information again when they want to leave another comment. Three cookies are set for commenters:


The commenter cookies are set to expire a little under one year from the time they're set.

Wordpress Plugins - Cookie Law Info

The Wordpress Diary now has a plugin called Cookie Law Info which is present to display a cookie consent banner which then refers to this page. The plugin itself has to use a cookie to retain a memory of whether consent has been given.


Third Party Cookies - Tracking Cookies

At present we do not use or access any other software on the site which may set 3rd party cookies (evil cookies) on our site such as advertising, google analytics, YouTube, or links to Facebook,Twitter or Google+.

How can I change my browser cookie settings?

Most web browsers allow control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit www.aboutcookies.org or www.allaboutcookies.org which do a much better job than I can do here and provide lots of good background reading.

Privacy Statement.

This website does not store any information that would, on its own, allow us to identify individual users of this service without their permission.

Log files are maintained and analysed of all requests for files on this website's web servers by our ISP. Log files do not capture personal information but do capture the user's IP address, which is automatically recognised by our web servers.

Aggregated analysis of these log files is used to monitor website usage. Our ISPs provide tools to access, for example, overall popularity of the site and typical user paths through the site.

We make no attempt to identify individual users. You should be aware, however, that access to web pages will generally create log entries in the systems of your own ISP or network service provider. These entities may be in a position to identify the client computer equipment used to access a page. Such monitoring would be done by the provider of network services and is beyond our responsibility or control.

We make no attempt to track or identify individual users but reserve the right to attempt to identify and track any individual who is reasonably suspected of trying to gain unauthorised access to computer systems or resources operating as part of our web services so s a condition of use of this site, all users must give permission for us or more likely our ISP to use its access logs to attempt to track users who are reasonably suspected of gaining, or attempting to gain, unauthorised access.


We welcome feedback and provide a form for users to send it. We require a valid email address so we can respond and we monitor the IP address to identify spam. The information is not stored on the web site but is immediately sent to us as an email and the contents of the email is displayed when the form is submitted. Consent is implied in your choice to send us comments or other feedback.

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