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System Development Log - Toshiba Libretto 50CT


This log covers System Software however the dividing line between system and applications is narrow and this log needs to be read in conjunction with the initial OU and Related Software Installation Log to give a complete picture. In general it is better to have one log but we are not prepared to put our main log covering all our machines etc on the web - it is actually encrypted as it also contains many of the passwords and unlock codes for ISPs and Software! System software covers the operating system and software provided as part of the operating system package and other software which is tightly integrated (Internet Explorer, McAfee, PGP and Winzip) or is used by other programs (printer drivers). It also contains software making direct calls to input/output such as the earlier versions of FirstClass. The log is ordered to have the last changes at the top.

The machine is now very full and the only changes from mid 1999 till April 2002 have been the addition of some DUN connections, matching email accounts, drivers and regular Virus Data updates. The Direct cable connection is now supplimented by a full network connection card (with a 56k Modem) which is covered in a separate page Painless Networks so does not feature in the log.

Virus Checker Log

Our virus checker from McAfee is now being updated weekly and which was filling the log with entries so we now only update the following status table.

McAfee Version 4.03
Scan Engine 4.1.40
Virus Definitions 4.0.4196
Created on 10 April 2002

Upgrades come in three forms -

The main machine now has a Securecast channel receiving regular updates in the background all the time we are online. These are transfered and installed over the Direct Cable Connection to the Libretto. A complete scan is then run which not only confirms the machine is clean but should also locate an EICAR test virus file we have loaded as a check that everything is configured correctly. The virus checker is configured to check email and downloads as well as programme files on-demand.

11th July 1999

  1. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) installed on the Libretto so we can maintain security away from home by encrypting important documents. This is fully covered in a separate page Secure Storage and Email - Pretty Good Privacy

27th June 1999

  1. Internet Explorer 4.01 SP 1: We have been forced to upgrade the version of Internet Explorer to version 4.01 SP 1 on the Libretto to get the appropriate levels of encyption for online banking.
    • All favorites etc are automatically transfered from IE3.
    • Home page set back to local copy of our web site.
  2. Outlook 98: We took the opportunity to upgrade to Outlook 98 at the same time so that our email package is once more common with the main machine. Outlook 98 decodes the latest HTML email attachments correctly and has a number of other advantages. Both were installed from a CD on the main machine using the Direct Cable Connection (DCC).
    • Extra Email services added for Freezone and Genie.
    • Toolbars configured.
  3. Outlook Express 4. Outlook 97 and 98 do not have Newsreader capabilities so we also installed Outlook Express 4 (part of the IE4 suite) for use as a Newsreader.
  4. IE4 and Outlook 98 have left the Libretto painfully slow even without the active desktop - probably because we only have 16 Mbytes of memory.
  5. An addition 16 Mbytes of memory was ordered and subsequently installed improving the speed somewhat.

16th June 1999

  1. A special update downloaded from McAfee with new data files and a scan engine update to 4.0.25 to cover the threats from the latest zip trojans. Download of 3.9 mbytes and updates on both machines, scans and tests.

23rd May 1999

  1. A full update for McAfee downloaded to give us the latest scan engine version 4.0.22 and virus updates. This is required to cover some of the latest attacks now we are receiving a lot of doc files with M206.
  2. Download of 8.3 mbytes on the main machine and loaded onto Libretto over DCC.
  3. Tested with Eicar test virus.

11th April 1999

  1. Went to McAfee site to see if patches required to cope with Melissa virus before receiving any TMAs.
  2. Scan engine update required and also new virus files.
  3. Two downloads one 2.5Mbytes for the engine and one of 650K for data files via Freeserve on main machine.
  4. Test scan detected the EICAR test virus in a compressed file so install OK.

29th March 1999

Virus Data File Updates:
  1. The first thing done on our return from New Zealand was to download the latest McAfee virus data files from the CompuServe forum and update both machines.
  2. Full on-demand tests run on both machines and the test viruses found.

24th November 1998

  1. McAfee Virus Checker Scan Engine update: The latest version of the McAfee virus checker Version 4.01 was downloaded from the McAfee site. The download was 9 Mbytes and took nearly an hour via a Freeserve connection in the early hours of the morning on the main machine. It was installed on the Libretto via the Direct Cable Connection a a full scan was carried out and the upgrade installation validated in as much as the test viruses were detected in a compressed file in the full disk scans and by attempting an access to the test virus file.
  2. FirstClass 5.5 Upgrade to FirstClass 5.5 made for both servers following assessment on main machine.
  3. Desktops: Online and offline desktops and the Offline folder reorganised to reflect the change of M206 to server 3.

17th October 1998

  1. Set up Internet Mail Program to access Freeserve and tested.
  2. Set up new Profile for Outlook 98 to access Freeserve

10th October 1998

  1. Created new DUN connection for Freeserve and tested via mobile in UK and Guernsey
  2. Copied across latest Virus Data Files and unzipped into McAfee directory
  3. Configured FirstClass to use TCP/IP and tested
  4. Upgrade to Winzip version 7.0

28st July 1998

  1. Installed FirstClass version 5.1 for Server 2 having evaluated on Server 1.
    • Configured toolbar
    • Installed ou-std2.jpg for more pleasing background
    • Copied ppo directory
    • Checked and set up settings for connection - on Server 2 the 8446 number gave more reproducable connections.
  2. Copied across new virus files, checked the worked with test virus and scanned system
  3. Uninstalled FirstClass 3.5 for both servers.
  4. Uninstalled Debuger Tutorial and Object Shop CD images to free up space.

21st July 1998

  1. Installed FirstClass version 5.1 as on Matrix for Server 1.
    • Configured toolbar
    • Installed ou-std2.jpg for more pleasing background
    • Copied ppo directory
    • Checked and set up settings for connection

28th July 1998

  1. New OU DUN connection. We have been suffering steadily worsening TCP/IP connection success via OU DUN to point of impossible. Message has been "impossible to negotiate compatible protocol". After some playing I finally gave in and made new DUN connection which seems to work fine. New connection has only TCP/IP protocol, log on to network & software compression enabled. NO DNA addresses set and no script files.
  2. Tested new DUN with web site update which was twice as fast as using CompuServe which is suprising as it is CompuServe web site. Download at >80K/min timed and upload also fast - data compression must be working.
  3. New DUN renamed to OU Mobile.
  4. Default set in Internet Explorer.

17th June 1998

  1. Virus Check update. The McAfee site was slow to access and the OU TCP/IP link broke twice so they were downloaded from the CompuServe forum.
  2. Full on-demand VirusScan tests run on Libretto and the test viruses found.
  3. Backup to main machine of First Class Personal files, My Teaching folder structure, Web site files and Outlook Email and address book etc files

5th May 1998

  1. Set up for sending faxes from the Libretto
    • Configured the Fax "Service" (Control Panel|Mail and Fax|Microsoft Fax|Properties ... Message, Modem and User tabs )
    • Produced a new cover sheet by editing our old one - they are .cpe files in the c:\windows folder.
    • Set the new Cover Sheet to be the default in Fax Service Mesage Tab (see above)
    • Set the paper size for the Microsoft Fax Printer Driver by right clicking on Microsoft Fax in the Printers window to get to Properties
  2. Sent a trial Fax by Printing to Microsoft Fax within Word

28th April 1998

  1. Updated Virus Data files by download from McAfee Site.
  2. Copied across the various Directories containing the files and other data required for the Libretto to have the definative data set whilst we are away. That includes:
    • All the OU document files, presentations etc which are in My Teaching
    • The data for First Class Personal (for Servers 1 and 2) which is in the Directory c:\oufc98\ppo (ppo stands for Personal Post Office) and has the Personal desktop and all the mail and conference folders.
    • The Outlook Personel Address Book (.pab) and Personnel Folders (.pst) Files to c:\Windows directory (They may be in c:\Exchange in some configurations)
  3. Installed and set up the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard in case we have to update any of the Web pages. Note - only the older 1.1 version works with Compuserve.

25th March 1998

  1. Carried out test on McAfee virus checker using the EICAR test virus supplied. This is a test virus which all Virus checkers recognise to allow non destructive testing. See the Installation, Configuration, Utilisation and Assessment log for more details.

23rd March 1998

  1. Cracked the remainder of the problems with the Mobile software in another good signal strength area near Reading:

    • The turn on and off of the phone is a feature of the Power Saving software built into the Toshiba. The software has the ability to turn off the modem [and the phone] to save battery life when the modem is not in use. The tick box has to be cleared for each of the five power modes on the Toshiba for both battery and external power and I had only cleared it at the top "Windows level" in Control Panel|Power rather than the setup accessed via the tooltray on the toolbar.
    • The Cellect 1+ modem works when set as a std_fax modem on serial port 3 at 38400 in FirstClass. The MotoCell modem which appeared to be the obvious to select does not seem to work.

  2. Picking up CompuServe mail took a fraction under 1 minute for one small outgoing and three small incoming Emails ie a typical cost will be 11p after 1900 or before 0700 whilst BT would have a minimum charge of 5p for a local call of that length any time of day.
  3. Connection to FirstClass was circa 30 secs before one could start to work with desktop downloaded after the phone entered data mode and connected.

21st March 1998

  1. Tests of Mobile software in good signal strength area:

    • Internet access via OU Mobile DUN OK but phone is turned off and back on which means the phone password has to be entered each time.
    • Internet access via CS3 mobile OK without adding a script file but using their Server "CISSPP: PPP connection using CompuServe Networks" and only TCP/IP checked. TCP/IP settings only bottom two boxes checked and top two buttons for server assigned
    • CompuServe mail within Outlook OK after setting up by Tools|Services|Compuserve Mail|Settings|Connection Tab|Motorola Cellect 1+ Modem
    • FirstClass would not work with a direct dial up with a standard Modem setting or with any other modem I tried so it was set to use a TCP/IP connection which works fine - remember to get the connection running before logging in on FirstClass. Server 1 and Server 2 connections configured and an "OU Mobile" Dial up Icon

17th March 1998

  1. Adobe Acrobat 3.0 reader installed after copying across link
  2. Free Agent and WP_FTP programs .copied but not installed.
  3. Custom install of Office 97 carried out across the link from CD. Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Outlook installed for a total space of 101 Mbytes.
  4. The missing cab files replaced from floppy disk and the empty \img directory moved to My Programs area.
  5. Powertoys Diskmenu utility installed. Powertoys Folder had to be copied to desktop for it to install - a known feature!

16th March 1998

  1. GSM modem card installed. Service disk copied to C:\ Cellect and driver installed when new hardware identified
  2. "OU Mobile" DUN connections set up to use the new modem set to 38400 baud and Motorolla CELLect 1+ modem - all other settings as per "OU" DUN (as per OU documents) .
  3. Parallel link cable tested and much faster.

15th March 1998

  1. Copied across dictionary for word custom.dic, dictionary for WebEdit and data files for McAfee.
  2. Favorites copied via _workspace and editing to remove features relating to subscriptions as Matrix (the Dell 120 Pentium) has IE4.
  3. Full Backup to Tape 6 (270Mbytes used 230 free).

14th March 1998

  1. Printer driver for HP690C loaded by Add Printer|Have disk and follow instructions.
  2. Direct cable connection set up eventually - needs to have the correct Microsoft IPX/SPX-compatible protocol as well as TCP/IP to get proper connection. We now have:

    • Client for Microsoft networks
    • Dial up adapter
    • IPX/SPX-comptible protocols
    • TCP/IP
    • File and Pinter sharing for Microsoft Networks.

  3. Sharing set up with:

    • HP 690C Printer shared.
    • Hard drive on Matrix (the Dell) Shared read-only except for _Download and _Workspace.
    • Floppy Shared read only.
    • CD obviously shared read only.

  4. Software and templates installed/copied from source on Matrix over link

    • Fax Cover Sheet
    • Document Templates.
    • Normal.doc
    • XferPro v1.1.1
    • WebEdit 2.0
    • Webpost 1.1

  5. Object Shop got running from disk image of CD shop folder by copying to top level - C:\shop.
  6. New OU "Software 2" CD loaded to update Learning Book and add Debuger
  7. Further tidy up and additions to Shortcut bar and Startup Group.

13th March 98

  1. Copies of existing Personal Address Book (mailbox.pab) and Personal Folders (mailbox.pst) for Messaging transferred to C:\Widows folder.
  2. Toolbars configured in Messaging.
  3. Tweak Ui loaded from Power Toys to get automatic log on.
  4. CompuServe 3.04 loaded from CD Image using express install - DUN automatically created and configured for standard modem.
  5. Internet Explorer updated to 3.02 during CS3 install. Set to connect via OU with opening page as a local copy of our web site in My Web Site.
  6. Cab viewer loaded from Power Toys.
  7. Learning Book loaded from CD Image
  8. Object Shop loaded with CD Image but does not work.
  9. Coverpage fix run
  10. Winzip 6.3 Installed and registered.
  11. Toshiba Shortcut Bar folder moved to be under Tosutil directory and some useful programs added. Removed from Startup group and added to Start Menu top level.
  12. Built in installs for older versions of CompuServe deleted to save space.

12th March 1998

  1. Software backed up to floppy disks for Toshiba utilities and Windows software using Microsoft utility - discovered it had deleted the copies on the hard drive and itself after running!
  2. Colorado Backup for my Parallel port T1000E tape drive loaded from Floppy.
  3. "Full System backup" to new tape.
  4. OU First Class loaded from floppy and configured for server 1 and 2.
  5. My Programs directory created for CD Images and other source software transferred using the T1000 tape drive.
  6. CD Image for Word transferred via backup tape and Word loaded to working folder created as C:_Workspace.
  7. Download folder C:_Download created
  8. McAfee transferred and loaded then updated from update.exe dated November.
  9. Dial Up Networking installed via add/delete programs in control panel - some of the CAB files missing from hard drive and need to be replaced from the floppies - even then one missing file in Netmeeting.
  10. DUN configured for OU as per OU documents taking out some of the protocols after which the startup password had disappeared.
  11. Client for Microsoft Networks needed to be added back in to get the start up password again
  12. CSMail copied by tape and installed and configured for OU phone numbers etc.
  13. Messaging already loaded so configured to use Fax and CompuServe mail.

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Content revised: 12th April, 2002