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Howto install Microsoft Fax Service for Outlook
in Windows 98

MS Fax is a free component that comes with Windows 95 and, if you know where to look, Windows 98. It is essentially unsupported and has seen no new features added since its release with Windows 95. It allows faxes to be sent and received using the same Inbox as all other mail when using Exchange, Windows Messaging or Microsoft Outlook. The programs to install the Microsoft Fax Service are no longer accessible as part of Windows setup but are present on the Windows 98 CD so that old systems which were updated to Windows 98 from 95 can be repaired in case of problems. The necessary programs and instructions are in the \Tools\Oldwin95\Message folder, in the \Intl or \Us subfolder.

If you have Windows 98 SE (or ME) you will need to obtain the files from a CD for an older version - the Fax runs fine on 98 SE but I have not tried it under ME yet

The following hints came from the excellent Slipstick Systems Outlook and Exchange Centre which is the first place I go for information on anything to do with Outlook. I found out about Fax still be available whilst browsing the site. The suggestions on the site cover the order in which you install Microsoft Fax depends on your version of Exchange, Windows Messaging or Microsoft Outlook. It is important to first install Windows Messaging, unless you are planning to use Microsoft Fax with Outlook 2000 otherwise you will be overwriting updates with an earlier version of some files.

After installing Windows Messaging,

The installation order for the mail clients is:

Windows Messaging:

  1. Install Windows Messaging, as described above.
  2. Install Microsoft Fax.

Microsoft Outlook 97:

  1. Install Windows Messaging, as described above.
  2. Install Microsoft Fax and test to make sure it is operating correctly before proceeding.
  3. Install Outlook 97.

Microsoft Outlook 98 :

  1. Install Windows Messaging, as described above.
  2. Install Microsoft Fax and test.
  3. Install Outlook 98 in Corporate/Workgroup mode.
  4. Install the Fax Update for Corporate or Workgroup E-mail Service either with the Outlook 98 CD or by connecting to the components site on the Internet.

Microsoft Outlook 2000:

  1. Install Microsoft Fax.
  2. Install Outlook in Corporate/Workgroup mode.
  3. If you reverse the above order (installing Microsoft Fax after Outlook 2000), Slipstick advises you'll need to to update some components of Outlook by running Help | Detect and Repair

If Microsoft Fax does not work in Outlook 2000 after the above steps, look at the MSKB article OL2000 (CW) Microsoft Fax Compatibility Issues with Outlook 2000 to find and run the Fixmapi.exe utility.

Adding the Fax Service to Messaging or Outlook

The proceedures all worked for me and I had the Fax Service available on the list to Add to my Profile in Outlook 98 using the Mail icon in the Control Panel. You will now be able to send a fax with the Compose New Fax command on the Programs menu or with the Outlook/Exchange/Windows Messaging menus or just by printing to the Microsoft Fax printer driver. A copy will be saved in your Messaging/Outlook 9x Sent Mail. Outlook has to be running to receive faxes and the Fax Service set up to auto answer - Right Click the icon in the toolbar and go to Properties is the simplest way to get to it!

As a final note Slipstick advises that if your fax modem needs a particular setup string to work, you must enter it through the Windows Registry. Make a backup of the registry first, then run Regedit and look for the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\At Work Fax\Local Modems

Most Modems will not require such setup strings and should work immediately

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