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The Cunard Queen Mary
Now a Floating Hotel in Long Beach California

We stayed on the Queen Mary at Long Beach California for 3 days which was very enjoyable and met up with Joe and Jill who collected us from the Queen Victoria, joined us on board for several days, took us to watch the QV depart and to the new Getty Museum which is spectacular. I am normally not a great fan of modern architecture but we took the architecture tour which was most interesting and explained the philosophy behind Meyer's work.

The Queen Mary merits several days as there is a lot to explore and many excellent organised tours which came included in our 'package'. She was, of course, one of the two 'gray ghosts' which ferried over 2 million service men across the Atlantic evading all the U boats - she was faster than any possible escort and even the torpedos which could be fired at her. She is all old wood and rich veneers, a complete contrast to the plastic film set of the Queen Victoria - people on the QE2 always referred to it as coming home when they got back on board but never on the QV - we had the same feeling about the Queen Mary being homely despite it being a floating hotel.

Picture Gallery of the Queen Mary

Pictures of the Getty Museum

Pictures inside the Russian Submarine

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